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Sebastian was born in 1993 in Werdau and right from the start he had a great interest in aircrafts, their operation and spotting. His interest lead him to study aerospace engineering at the Technical University of Dresden and to work in the aircraft testing industry. He is Head of Certification and Co-Founder of FLÜGELaeronautics.

What motivates you?

“The vision to build a completely new type of aircraft which could change our daily life are facts that motivate me every single day. I am sure that I can support our team with my knowledge and skills while the work at the test institute and the intensive focus on certificating new types of aircrafts showed me that I want and I can lead this project through the certification process.”

What does the future of transport look like for you?

“I see the future with a very differentiated transport system. The most important elements in urban, regional and interregional transport will be air taxis, light rails, and to a lesser extent private and shared buses and cars. Only with a majority of these the large mass of people in urban will be able to move. In rural areas I see a mix of air taxis and private buses and cars and on interregional routes air taxis and high-speed trains.”



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