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Diego was born 1988 in Schwäbisch-Hall, Germany, and raised in Madrid, Spain. After studying in Germany, he worked on his PhD in mechanical engineering at the German-Aerospace-Center. He founded FLÜGELaeronautics after leaving his first startup and a trip around the world witnessing traffic problems in cities everywhere. He is the winner of the German High-Tech Award and JEC Asia Award.

What motivates you?
“The one thing that motivates me the most is the future. And to face it without fear. I have a deep conviction that the future can be shaped by individuals, teams and associations that are willing to head towards the same goal. Furthermore I am sure that technology will solve the world’s problems and improve people’s lives. Technology will open the door. Everytime.“

What are you sure about?
“Nature remains the best teacher for any engineer and… no bird stands on a branch with spread wings after it has landed. Folding wings in mid-air will make the aircraft a relevant component for daily individual transport.
Through focusing on connecting people with their desired destinations without building new infrastructure and road management, we will experience better trips, have less stress, more time at home with our loved ones and overall a safer transport option.”


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